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Isabelle Léourier, from body adornments to wall ornaments.

  Craftswoman / textile designer. High-end contemporary design, fashion and interior installations.


Professional background

Isabelle Léourier was trained as a graphic designer in Paris at the beginning of the 80’s. She worked in high fashion for six year’s before allowing herself to be seduced by the freedom of the world of millinery. In 1994, she set up her own workshop at Chambly, in the region of Oise. Inspired by this small place at the crossroads between the city and nature, she blends with grace and harmony the artificial with the natural. Empowered by her experience as a fashion designer, she now deploys her talent in the field of decoration, filling spaces with her unique and vibrant artworks.


A rare and precious universe

Isabelle Léourier’s creative world is made of volutes and elastic lines, adorned with clouds of feathers, pearls and fishnets. Its voluptuous shapes are intertwined with straight lines, which suddenly appear out of nothing. Rigorously tied knots, the pure shape of the arabesque and the arrangement of the third dimensional shapes trace the down strokes and upstrokes of writing using fabric.

Isabelle’s work is marked by her life-long passion for dance and sculpture. Tirelessly looking for balance and giving birth to perfectly controlled overflows, the artist provides her own sensitive and contemporary definition of grace. Her impressive ornaments come to life, telling sensual and mysterious stories.


High Fashion

For more than 20 years, Isabelle Léourier has been working for the most prestigious high fashion houses in Paris. She allowed her inspiration to guide her golden fingers, collaborating with Christian Lacroix, Jean-Louis Scherrer, Stéphane Rolland, Christophe Josse, Valentino, Alexandre de Paris, and Jun Ashida.


Limited editions, customised designs and unique pieces

Little by little, Isabelle Léourier created her own collections of head ornaments. Showcased at “Premiere Classe Tuileries”, her creations were subsequently made available worldwide. The milliner then discovered the world of jewellery and decided to focus on intimate pieces, created for a private clientele. Isabelle Léourier still retains three retail outlets in Paris, New York and Seville.


Wall ornaments

Freed from the bodies that inspired them, Isabelle’s outstanding textile creations take flight, landing in your domestic interior and creating stunning wall ornaments. Born of imagination, these high fashion sculptures transform everyday spaces into an enchanting scene, dancing in the light like living lianas.


Technical and aesthetical solutions

Possessing absolute freedom, the artist experiments with and associates all kinds of techniques and materials. Sewing and embroidering, sculpting, modelling and moulding, using feathered and floral art as well as jewellery, she creates unique handmade pieces in her French workshop. Attentive to her clients’ needs, she creates shapes and volumes, finding technical and aesthetical solutions to any request.



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